2022 Ri Guang Song Shoumei, an award winner premium white tea by XiangEr Tea Ltd. The tea garden is located in the most sought after region Panxi, Fuding, China. The tea trees were originally planted in 1958 and organically managed for decades.

Ri Guang Song is harvested only in the Spring season and handcrafted by the most experienced tea masters. The tea is a gift from Mother Nature. At a young age the tea smells like dry flowers and herbs. On the palate, the tea is clean, full bodied, with complex and long lasting flowers, fruits, herbs and honey flavors. And this white tea will be enjoyable for up to 15 years, with many pleasant developments down the roads. It is the golden standard of premium ShouMei white tea.


Ingredients: White Tea

Weight: 360g

Year: 2022

Origin: China

Produced by: Xiang Er Tea Ltd.



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