Golden Pig Raw Pu’er Cake Year 2007

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This is the first-ever Zodiac Pu’er tea, a vintage blend that has aged beautifully. Its transformation over the years is remarkable, making it not only a delight to the senses but also a valuable collectible. From the famous Pu’er manufacture  XiaGuan Factory. Year 2007.

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As the first to craft a Zodiac series of teas among the four major Pu’er factories, Xiaguan Factory’s 2007 Golden Pig Pu’er Cake marks the inaugural Zodiac tea, making it highly collectible. With time, it has entered its prime transformation phase, positioning it as a promising mid-term tea. This batch, meticulously dry-stored by tea experts since its production, has undergone an excellent transformation, free from mold or pest damage, making it a rare find.

Key features include:

  • A century-old renowned Pu’er factory’s first Zodiac Pu’er cake.
  • 17 years of careful preservation, now in its prime transformation period.

Brand: Xiaguan

Producer: Yunnan Xiaguan Tuocha (Group) Co., Ltd.

Specifications: 357 grams per cake, 2.5 kg per bundle (7 cakes)

Taste: Rich and mellow, with floral and fruity notes and a lingering honey-like sweetness.

Production Date: 2007

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1 Cake, 1 cake Gift Box, 7 Cakes


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