Crimson Glory Rose

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Crimson Glory Rose Tea, exclusively harvested at first bloom in Yunnan, China, offers a natural rose scent in each hand-picked blossom, preserved by freeze-drying. Rich in anthocyanins and Vitamin C, this caffeine-free tea enhances beauty and soothes the mind. Its vibrant whole blossoms add elegance to your tea ritual, while each sip indulges you with subtle floral sweetness and a lingering aroma. Enjoy hot, with an option to sweeten.  Each 25g pack contains the pure essence of full blossoms, bringing an unparalleled elegance and sophistication to your tea experience.




With the natural scent of fresh roses. Each rose is hand-picked and carefully selected by flower grower. The rich color and anthocyanins of the crimson glory roses are preserved to the maximum extent through the freeze-drying process. The tea has a refreshing and pleasant flavor with a sweet aftertaste. Crimson Glory Rose boasts the visual allure of vibrant red rose petals, which add a touch of elegance to your teatime ritual. Immerse yourself in a delightful infusion, awakening your senses to a world of floral sophistication.


Rich in Anthocyanins and Vitamin C, Caffeine-Free, No Artificial Fragrances


enhancing beauty and rejuvenation; helps soothe the mind

Aroma and Sensation:

Scent of Rose Blossom


Infusing each sip with a subtle floral sweetness and a delightful aroma that lingers


Hot brew with the option to add sugar


Color of the Tea Liquor: Pink and Clear

Ingredients: Crimson Glory Rose

Country of Origin: Yunnan, China

Weight: 25 g

Imported by: Canada Tea Inc.


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