No.21 Fengqing Black Tea

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The production of this black tea originated from China’s desire to produce a black tea with a fragrance and taste similar to that of Darjeeling black tea from India. To achieve this, various of Oolong teas from the Wuyi Mountains were planted in the Yunnan region, which has an environment similar to India. Fresh leaves from different tree species were harvested and blended, resulting in a black tea with a rich, distinctive floral aroma and a fresh, mellow taste.

This Fengqing black tea uses fresh leaves from 14 different tree species, picked during the early spring, to create a blend with a rich, layered aroma. The aroma is strong and impactful. The taste is fresh, mellow, and soft, with the fragrance merging into the water, complementing each other beautifully. The tea is planted in a pollution-free, high-mountain area, which contributes to its pure taste. It is a tea with a very high cost-performance ratio.


1)A blend of 14 tea tree species

2)First Flush

3) Pollution Free

4) High Aroma



antioxidants, anti-aging, weight control



Color of Tea: Black

Color of Tea Liquor: Bright Red with Golden edge

Ingredients: Black Tea

Country of Origin: China

Expiration Date: March 2026

Imported by: Canada Tea Inc.



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