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Run Si

The history of Keemun Black Tea can be traced back to 1875. It is the only Chinese tea among the world’s three high fragrance teas, as well as one of the favorites of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Established in 1951 as the only state-owned Keemun black tea factory, the Runsi Tea Co. in China is the main supplier of Keemun black tea in the world in the last 70 years.

It is known that different environmental factors such as soil, water, weather, etc. lead to different tea qualities including taste, aroma, and color for even the same breed tea bushes, and the Runsi Keemun Black Tea qualified as the only black tea among the Top 10 Chinese Teas at the Shanghai Expo 2010.


The Runsi Tea Co., with 12 EU certified tea gardens, also enjoys the title of “National Standard Keemun Black Tea Base” of China. As Keemun black tea is frequently chosen as diplomatic gifts, it has a special grade “Gift” on top of “Premium”.

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