Chabon is a premium tea brand founded in Canada, offering the Modern Tea Collection (Chabon Morden) and the Classic Tea Collection (Chabon Classic). Chabon values a simple, chic, and healthy lifestyle. We believe that good tea doesn’t require elaborate brewing techniques or storytelling; a simple infusion can evoke a pleasant mood with just one sip.

To provide tea lovers with a more refined and stylish experience, Chabon Modern consults seasoned tea experts as product selection advisors. We continuously source high-quality raw tea and other beneficial plants, fruits, and fresh flowers worldwide, blending them to create unique and enjoyable healthy teas. We strive to use the best ingredients and the most suitable blending methods, producing tea beverages that are full of fragrance and vitality.

Chabon Tea’s raw materials come from various places such as China, Canada, India, Sri Lanka, Europe, Africa, and Argentina, etc.

Chabon Classic carefully selects cost-effective Chinese original teas, adhering to the principles of core production regions and authentic flavors. We directly choose teas from their places of origin, allowing a diverse range of high-quality teas to showcase their unique flavors in their purest form.

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